Our Services

At Desert Gold Exchange, we work with you to help diversify your portfolio in precious metals. As industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience in gold, silver, and precious metal investments.

We offer several investment options:

We will review your current portfolio and work together
to construct a plan that matches your unique goals
and objectives.

Gold Bullion

Gold bullion comes from many countries around the world and well as American Gold Eagles. Gold bullion is easily recognized and widely accepted as liquid money no matter where you travel in the world. Gold bullion offers financial protection as well as limited down side risk. Gold bullion is the least expensive way to own gold and can be bought for a small premium over spot.

Private Gold

Gold Private is a type of gold that is void of any reporting requirements. Whether you buy or sell, the transaction is completely private and no government forms are filled out. These coins typically represent pre-1933 gold coins and are no longer minted. With a favorable supply / demand ration in your favor, private gold tends to be less volatile and more profitable. DGE offers some of the very best prices in the industry when it comes to private gold.


Besides their stunning designs, silver coins also appeal to collectors and investors for their value in investment portfolios. Eligible for placement in IRAs, Silver can act as building blocks for investments that will never lose all of their value.